Break Manager Application

I think most people know the feeling of having spent too long hunched over a keyboard.. your neck is stiff, your wrist hurts or your back is aching! One of the applications I´ve developed is BreakManager to make sure you take regular breaks while working, playing games or just surfing at your computer.

BreakManager in SystemTray The BreakManager application runs in the background while you´re using your PC or Mac and after working for a set period of time it creates a visual or audible alarm to let you know it´s time to take a break and another when it´s time to start work again. When the BreakManager application is minimised it displays an icon in the System Tray (Windows) or Dock (Mac) which shows the number of minutes remaining until the next break.

On a technical note this application is written using Actionscript 3 using an MVC design pattern and runs under the Adobe Air framework.


BreakManager Settings Like any good application there are a number of settings which can altered to tailor the way BreakManager runs.


The BreakManager application is completely free of charge to use but if you do download it then please show you´re appreciation by clicking the like button, sending a Tweet or posting on your Facebook page. However if you feel particularly strongly you can make a small donation and any contributions will go towards further developments. Thanks.

Download the Breakmanager application

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